About this Unique Community Web site

The goal and direction of this site is to create a user community for sharing information related to the new Crosman Discovery PCP air rifle.  Visitors to this web site will be able to explore and learn about the Crosman Discovery by browsing through different categories of interest to them. 

For example a new visitor would easily be able to find links to sites with reviews about the Discovery rifle.  Another visitor may be interested to find what pellets seem to work the best in the discovery rifle.  Both of the users would find links to what they are looking for along with; a snapshot of the site, a rating by others who have visited the site, and comments form our registered users.

Users that join our unique community will be able to post and share links to other web sites with information related to the Discovery rifle.  This may include links to forums and Blogs, videos found at places like YouTube, or even personal pictures of their discovery rifle when hosted at picture hosting sites like flickr.